Counseling Single Parents & Blended Families

All families are not the same traditional configuration of father, mother and children. Some families have one parent and one or more children. A single parent is one individual raising a child or children without a partner. Some single parents become single parents by having children outside a committed relationship or out of wedlock.

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What You Will Learn:

✓ Introduction
✓ Single parents
✓ Treatments goals for single parents
✓ Blended families
✓ Psychoeducation for blended families
✓ Counseling blended families
✓ Integrating new family culture while living the old culture
✓ Blending Personalities and subsystems into one system
✓ Stepparents remain outside, parents are inside.
✓ Conflicting parenting/stepparenting Style.
✓ Children grief their loss, struggle with loyalty and drastic change
✓ Marital intimacy after getting hurt may be challenging.
✓ Money management and expenses
✓ Disillusionment and disappointment
✓ Conflicts with parenting/step-parenting
✓ Dealing with exes, in laws and old friends
✓ Maintaining sexual boundaries among family members
✓ Identity issues & defining the new family.


Counseling Single Parents & Blended Families
60:04 mins

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