Counselling Single Parents and Blended Family

The Stepfamily Architecture
Do you know that a stepparent enters a new relationship as an outsider?
In first marriages, a marriage certificate makes a spouse a member of the family.
But in blended family setting marriage does not make a spouse a member of an existing family.
A spouse is an outsider working his or her way insider.
This is what is family therapists called “the stepfamily architecture”
Whether that will ever happen depends on a lot of factors.
The stepfamily architecture creates five major problems:
 Stepparents are stuck outside. Parents are stuck inside. The existing system divides what God has joined together.
 Children in stepfamilies systems struggle with grief, loyalty and transition.
 Stepfamily roles often divide the adults around parenting roles.
 Couples must establish a new system to replace the existing system.
 Ex-spouse dead or alive remains part of the new family in principles and practice.
These are some of the challenges that a counselor will be expected to deal with while counseling Single parents desiring to remarry or blending families.
See why this course is a must-do for all serious practitioners and single parents and those in blended families. I will teach you how to help the stepparent and stepfamilies!
We will discuss the 3 dimensions of help for the singles parents and stepfamilies.
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